Algarve Horse Riding

The best places for horse riding in Algarve

Algarve Horse Riding - Portugal is a country with a long tradition regarding horses. There are records of their existence even before the creation of the country.

Like in other countries they were used in the military and transportation activities. Nowadays the horse is used mainly in leisure and sports activities with many practitioners.

Algarve Horse Riding

The three horse breeds that evolved in this country are the Garrano, Sorraia and Lusitano. The most known breed is the Lusitano, considered the one of the most versatile, docile, agile and brave of all, ideal for almost all activities. 

If you like horse riding and are planning to come to Algarve in holidays, you must know that there are many places where you can do it. The weather is perfect for riding in the dunes of a beach or in the countryside, enjoying rides in the beautiful landscape of Algarve.

Algarve Horse Riding - Equestrian Centres

Centro Hípico de Vilamoura
Address: Estalagem de Cegonha
8125-470 Vilamoura
Telephone: +351 289 302 577
Fax: +351 289 322 675

Centro Hípico Atalaia
Address: Quinta da Atalaia - Odiáxere
8600 Lagos
Telephone: +351 282 761 921

Centro Hípico Belmonte
Address: Urbanização de Belmonte
8500 Portimão
Telephone: +351 282 476 020
Fax: +351 282 476 020

Centro Hípico Casal de São José
Address:Areias - Peares - Quelfes - cx postal 192 - P
8700 Olhão
Telephone: +351 289 703 198

Centro Hípico Clube Cavalos e Aventura
Address: Quinta de vale d´arca - Benafim
Telephone: +351 289 472 527

Centro Hípico Meridien Penina
Address: Est. NC 125 - Penina
8500 Portimão
Telephone: +351 282 415 415

Centro Hípico Paraíso dos Cavalos
Address:Rua Cristovão Pires Norte
8135 Almancil
Telephone: +351 289 394 189

Centro Hípico Pinetrees
Address:Estrada do Ancão - Casa dos Pinheiros
8135 Almancil
Telephone: +351 289 394 369
Fax: +351 289 394 489

Centro Hípico Quinta do Cadoiço
Address: Quinta do Cadoiço
8100 Loulé
Telephone: +351 289 462 492

Centro Hípico Quinta do Lago
Address: Quinta do Lago

Telephone: +351 289 396 099

Centro Hípico Quinta do Paraíso Alto
Address: Qta. do Paraíso Alto
8600 Bensafrim
Telephone: +351 282 687 263
Fax: +351 282 687 507

Centro Hípico Quinta dos Amigos
Address: Escanxinas
8135 Almancil
Telephone: +351 289 393 399
Fax: +351 289 393 399

Centro Hípico Solear
Address: Areias das Almas
8400-452 Porches
Telephone: +351 282 381 022
Fax: +351 282 381 022

Centro Hípico Tiffany
Address:Vale Grifo - Almádena, 1677 E
8600-102 Lagos
Telephone: +351 282 697 395
Fax: +351 282 697 395

Centro Hípico Vale de Éguas
Address:Vale de Éguas
8135 Almancil
Telephone: +351 289 397 499

Centro Hípico Vale de Ferro
Address: Sítio Vale de Ferro - Apartado 104 
8501 - 903 Mexilhoeira Grande
Telephone: +351 282 968 444
Fax: +351 282 968 443

Centro Hípico Vale Navio
Address: Estr. da Branqueira
8200 Albufeira
Telephone: +351 289 542 870

Escola de Equitação da GNR - Loulé
Address: Urbanização de Belmonte
8100 Loulé
Telephone: +351 289 416 351

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