Vilamoura Beach (Rocha Baixinha) is definitely one of the best beaches of Algarve

by Philip


Last year I had my holidays in Vilamoura, Algarve. This is a great place with beautiful golf courses to play, like I did. A walk in the evening in the Vilamoura Marina is a must after a dinner in one of the several restaurants that you have there.

Near by you have the beautiful beach of Rocha Baixinha, also known as Vilamoura beach. This is a nice beach to be with the family because it is very long with lots of space where the children can play, even in the summer time (the busiest period of the year).

The children adored the floating banana and the next time they will try the pedal boats, one of the several sports facilities you have in that beach.

Normally the temperature of the water is very good and because the beach is very long you can enjoy with the kids the waves safely during long time.

While the children are playing in the beach you can take a little break in the bars available there. The best for me is the bar As Cascatas because is the cleanest and the most quiet where you can enjoy reading a little bit while enjoying an coffee espresso.

And the children love to eat the cake “bola de berlim”, very common in the Portuguese pastry, which is sold by walking sellers in the beach. Believe me ,this cake tastes wonderfully in a beach (ask the kids!)

One of the things that we manage is to get to the beach by bicycle. You have in Vilamoura lots of bike lanes and you can go almost everywhere by bike. In the beach you have a bike parking place with many spaces available where you can lock the bicycles. You can see many people going to the beach with their bikes and towels.

In the afternoon when the people are returning after a day in the beach, it is possible to have a drink in the bars. In fact some of them at that time start to have disco music and you can see mostly young people to gather there to have a drink and getting along.

I enjoy to stay in that beach until late in the afternoon because it gets fresher, specially in hot summer days, having a relaxing end of the day in the beach.

Vilamoura Beach is, for us, definitely one of the best beaches of Algarve if not the best.


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