Algarve Weather

Blessed by the Gods

Algarve Weather is what makes this region so beautiful and pleasant. In Algarve, the spectacular sunshine is there for you and during almost all year you can enjoy the warm temperature. This, together with the beautiful coast, the hilly and wild inland, the local culture and old villages not forgetting all the quality facilities available, makes Algarve the perfect place for your holidays.

Algarve Weather

Because the sea temperature is also very warm and the sea very calm, you can relax on the numerous beaches of Algarve or if you prefer to make some water sports.

Weather Averages Temperatures

Algarve Temperature

The average temperature in Algarve is very stable with a small variation during the year. This means that you here you have warm weather most of the year. In the spring and summer the air is dryer with little rain which is very pleasant.

Even in the winter and autumn you can have very nice days where you can have outdoor activities. 

Eastern Algarve is warmer, the sea is more calm and warmer because there the Atlantic Ocean has less influence. The Western Algarve is more wild, less developed and cooler and the Central Algarve is the more touristic region, with higher development and warmer. 

Algarve Weather
Algarve Weather

Algarve Weather Forecast

This is the Weather for the next two days in Algarve. Check here the Algarve Weather Forecast for the next five days in the different parts of the region (western, central and eastern)

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