Algarve Food, 
a delight for the senses

The Algarve region is one of the richest of Portugal regarding gastronomy. its Algarve food has a complete variety of flavours and ingredients. 

Fresh Fish

The Fish of the Algarve Food is a delight for your senses and is well known by its freshness. This region gastronomy counts with several dishes with fish that you cannot miss. The most traditional dishes like Açorda à Algarvia, Sardinhas Assadas (Grilled Sardines), Cataplana de Peixe (Fish Cataplana), Polvo no Forno com Entrecosto (Baked Octopus with Entrecosto), Massada de Peixe (Massada of Fish)Arroz de Tamboril (Rice Monkfish) or Arroz de Polvo (Rice Octopus). 

Algarve Seafood


The superb Seafood dishes are also very good with a big variety. You have to taste specially the Ameijoas na Cataplana (Clams in Cataplana), Conquilhas à Algarvia and Feijoada de Marisco (Beans with seafood) 

Meat Dishes

Of course, although the fish and the seafood are well known (and with reason), you have many places where you can eat very good meat dishes like Carne de Porco com Ameijoas (Pork with Clams), Lombinhos de Porco com Conquilhas (Pork tenderloin with conquilhas) and Perdiz com amêijoas na Cataplana (partridge with clams in cataplana) 

You can take a look at Gastronomia do Algarve for more dishes and its recipes. 


To serve with food you have a complete set of splendid Portuguese Wines . Portugal produces many high quality wines, red, white and green (actually the green wines are only produced in Portugal). The main five regions of wine (DOC) are, in the North, Douro and Dão, in the center, Setubal and Bucelas, and Alentejo in the South.

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