Algarve Weather Forecast

Mostly Nice Weather

Algarve Weather Forecast is essential if you are planning to have holidays in Algarve. Whether to have golf holidays, beach holidays or summer holidays you will want to know how the weather is. Although you have very nice weather almost all year, you have variations that you must know in order to choose the best time of the year for you.

Here you can have the information on the forecast of the weather today and the next days, but also for the period you are thinking or planning to have your holidays.

5 Day Weather Forecast Algarve

Normally the variation of the weather along the Algarve is cooler in the western part and gets warmer going to the Eastern part of this Region.

Faro - Central Algarve

Weather Faro

Lagos - Western Algarve

Weather Lagos

Tavira - Eastern Algarve

Weather Tavira

What To Do

Depending on the weather you will want to spend your holidays doing different like going to the beach, playing golf, horse riding, just walking in the nature,discovering the local old villages and much more.

Specially regarding golf, Algarve is a fantastic place to play in the Winter because in this time of the year although the temperatures are a bit lower, the rain is not very frequent and you can have many days of perfect bright sunshine which makes the play in the beautiful golf courses available a real pleasure. 

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