Lisbon Attractions

The best neighborhoods for you to visit

Here is a list of the location of the best known Lisbon attractions. Lisbon has many points of interest for you to visit

Liberdade Avenue, Restauradores, Rossio and Praça da Figueira

Right in the center of city, there are three squares near each other. At the end of Liberdade Avenue you have Restauradores Square, then Rossio and Praça da Figueira.

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Chiado, Bairro Alto and Principe Real

The best known and more expensive commercial area of Lisbon, Chiado. The traditional Bairro Alto and Principe Real where you have countless bars and discotheques.

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São Bento, Estrela and Lapa

The traditional neighborhood of São Bento where you have the Parliament, the neighborhoods of Jardim da Estrela and Lapa where many rich people have luxury houses.

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Alfama, Castelo, Praça do Comercio

The old neighborhoods of Alfama in a moorish style, Castelo (castle) in a medieval style, but also the downtown and Terreiro do Paço built in the 18th century after the earthquake which destroyed part of the city.

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Parque das Nações

The oriental part of Lisbon, which was built for the Universal Exposition in 1998 where before was a oil refinery. Is today live part of the city with many business companies, but also the oceanarium Vasco da Gama, one of the biggest of the world, the Atlantico pavilion where many shows take place, a Marina, a Shopping center and many more attractions.

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