Tawny Port Wine

The best of Port Wines

The tawny port wine is made from wines which are aged in casks or in vats. These wines can be from different periods, which means different years. It is this process of aging the wine that gives to the tawny the specific color it has and the flavours of wood and fruits. Also the contact with the wood provides the contact with the oxigen which oxidates the wine making the aging process much faster.

Thats why the longer the aging period in this process of making port wine, the stronger are the aromas. So there are the tawny, medium tawny and light tawny types of wines.

Types of Tawny Wines

At the present you have different categories of Tawny Wines:


This types of wine are normally aged during three years in casks.

Tawny 10 years Old
Tawny 20 years Old
Tawny 30 years Old
Tawny 40 years Old

Some of the best Port Wines are this old ones, with the indication of age, full of aromas, flavours, it is something you have to taste, specially if you are planning to come to Portugal.

Tawny Reserve Port

Made from a selection of high quality grapes, this wine ages for seven years in casks.

Tawny Colheita Port

These are made from wines of the same years instead of the other categories.

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